Midpoint Musings

Midpoint Musings

Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing My Future

     In the spring of 2000, when our sons were 24, 22, and 20, and our daughter, 14, I contemplated all a new century could bring including marriages and the prospect of grandchildren. Little did I know that within two years, all three of our sons would be married, and within one year, our first grandchild would be born! That child, Rebecca Grace, turns eleven years old today, the oldest of seven grandchildren; eight, if we count the one in utero. 
     That first decade of the 21st century brought many, many changes to us. Among them was that we left our lifelong work of establishing and building a viable Christian primary and secondary school where my husband served as principal and I as music teacher. That exit eventually led both my husband and I back to universities to earn master's degrees. 
     He now works as a counseling therapist, and I am pretty sure I am wrapping up my work as a public school music teacher. I say wrapping up because I believe with the depressed economy and our less-than-esteemed governor here in Pennsylvania, cuts to education will again be brutal this year, and as I am already working one-quarter time, I hold out very little hope for the coming school year. 
     So with all of this in mind, I sit here today contemplating what for my intents and purposes, is another new decade and the last quarter of a century of my life, if I am lucky enough to live so long. What do I want to do in these coming years? What type of work will suit an experiened music educator, musician, performer, mother, grandmother, and homemaker? From those with whom I've shared my thoughts, I have received a little advice and some suggestions. But if I could choose I would take care of grandchildren, bask in the art of homemaking, serve in my church and community, and just maybe . . . write. 
     Yes, I think I'll write . . . care for grandchildren, make my home, serve, and did I say, "write?" Yes, I will have to give that a try. More to come.


  1. Oh how wonderful...I absolutely think you should write!

  2. Hey, you! What are you doing reading other people's blogs while you're supposed to be on vacation? Hope you are having a great time!!!